The GM


Sam (Monkeys Bears and Robots)

He GMs the Pathfinder 1e Actual Play Podcast for which this website was created.  So, you know, there’s that.  He also has entirely too many living beings in his house.  He’s extremely uncomfortable with typing up any sort of a biography, so he’s just putting up this crappy, vaguely humorous one in hopes that he’ll forget to replace it with a real one later and no one will ever notice and none of his players will yell at him.

The Players

gero head

Andrew Gero (“Gero” to his…Everyone)

A librarian from central Florida and avid gamer, Gero first got into tabletop gaming after buying Baldur’s Gate thinking it was somehow related to the dungeon-crawler Diablo, and discovering that it was actually based on something called “Dungeons & Dragons”. He then immediately got back *out* of tabletop gaming to instead spend most of his youth playing Yu-Gi-Oh and modding RTS computer games. He got back into D&D in high school, just in time for 3.5E to be phased out and replaced with a seven year dry period during which Wizards of the Coast definitely did not release any sort of new edition of the game. After getting into TTRPGs for a third time in the mid 20-teens, Gero discovered that Pathfinder was a thing, and was also very, very fun. Having a large amount of free time and left-over recording equipment, he decided to join the Pod Against the Machine actual-play podcast in 2020, and the rest is history!


He may or may not be a sentient rocket from the distant future, but Jeff is absolutely fueled by cold brew coffee and shiny math rocks. By day, he’s a big nerd writing code and working with data. By night… he’s a big nerd rolling dice and playing make-believe. His TTRPG experience began with Heroes Unlimited, but the bulk of his undergrad gaming was spent in White Wolf’s World of Darkness games and the good old Decipher Star Trek tabletop game. He’s been listening to actual play podcasts and playing Pathfinder and Starfinder for a few years now and is thrilled to be a part of creating this pod with these newfound friends.


Zak provides questionable accents and some beep-boops to this fantastic project. Pathfinder 1e is his preferred system— cutting his ttrpg teeth on THAC0, he loves crunch and intricate rule sets that he’ll assuredly screw up. In his free time, he enjoys hiking + camping (and secretly hopes all the time spent in the woods with his dogs will eventually give him a level in druid).

close up izzy two

Izzy (will respond to most words with a ‘zee’ sound tbh)

Izzy. She/her. Batman stan (BatStan). Likes French bulldogs, musicals, and the concept of snow. Dislikes actual snow and when people play UNO really vindictively, which is always. New to TTRPGs, old to RPGs. Bad at sentences, good at words. Won the election, by a lot.