Pod Against the Machine

Rat in green cloak standing on a pink disc, half-orc woman holding a large chainsaw, man with grappling gun and stetson hat, pale elf in golden robes

The only Pathfinder First Edition Actual Play Podcast hosted on this website

Reward Levels

Network Against The Machine Patreon/Ko-fi rewards are changing for the better! More benefits, more reasons to support the network that fights machines. We want to make sure we’re providing value to those of you in a position to subscribe, but also want to make sure we’re not locking people out of great content because of their economic circumstances. It’s a needle to thread, so we’re always open to feedback on how we’re doing!

When you join this tier, original music and Discord role access is already included, but now we’re adding a thank you on our website and – drum roll please – a Patreon podcast feed for The Story Machine! Every month we’ll be releasing a new story, starting with the multi-part “Foul and Fair” beginning in March. If we reach our crowdfunding goal, we will up the release rate to every other week. Can’t afford to contribute? Don’t fret! Transcripts will be available on our site.

You get all previously described benefits, your existing benefits including B.R.I.A.N. Identity maps, plus a chance to make characters and pieces and even Gootube flavors in The Story Machine arcs. Just send over your suggestions via Discord, email, or Patreon messaging. We’ll work in as many names as we can and credit you in the show notes, transcript, and audio credits. 

All previous benefits, plus Skymedal dedications! The more dedications we have, the more Skymedals the cast gets. We’ll also give you a personal expression of gratitude on Machine Learning. In addition, you’ll get an eBook/pdf version of the B.R.I.A.N. Identity and some Story Machine adventures so you can run them in your home games. This might take a while as we need to figure out how to make everything look nice.

You know the drill by now, all previous and lower tier benefits, plus a discount code for our merch store (new merch coming soon)! And, because you deserve it, a real physical reward: stickers! All four Book 1 stickers, all four Book 2 stickers, and Book 3 stickers when we finish those. We’ll also send you bonus stickers and other extras like the Dapple sticker we made for episode 100.

Hey, you’re still here! If you support us this much you’ll get all other tier benefits, old and new, plus the chance to game with some portion of the cast. But we’re adding to that: twice a year you’ll get free, exclusive physical rewards. Special edition t-shirts, print limited edition Story Machine books, and more! These will not exist outside of this reward tier, so if you want ‘em, this is your chance.

We hope you’ll consider joining one of our crowdfunding campaigns, upgrading your membership, and let us know what you think of the new rewards! Our suggestion box and emails are open. Our next goal is to pay someone to transcribe our backlog of Pod Against the Machine episodes, a huge project but one we’re really committed to. We vowed when we started the podcast to make accessibility a priority, and transcripts are a huge part of that. And if we reach our stretch goal, we’ll bump up our release rate for The Story Machine to every two weeks.

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