Pod Against the Machine

Aluwen - an extremely pale young man in yellow robes. His eyes are oversized and black, his hair is long and blond, and his shadow is strangely rectangular.
A middle-aged man with tan skin and a short beard, wearing leather armor, a cowboy hat, and a blue cloak. He wears several guns, including a large, futuristic grappling-hook gun on his back.
An anthropomorphic rat wearing visor sunglasses and light armor with a green cloak. He holds a metal rod in his left hand and green magical energy in a right, and surfs on a disc of pink light.
A half orc with brick-red skin and bright red hair, wearing purple-themed armor and holding a gigantic chainsaw sword with one hand. A tiny black scorpion with a pink bow on its tail rides on her shoulder. Her left half bears illuminated circuit board tattoos.
A giant tan boa constrictor with purple patterns on its scales, who seems to be made of thick, dripping liquid.
A green-skinned snake man in heavy metal armor with a lighter-green frill running down is head to his tail. He holds a large sword and a steel shield, and flicks his forked tongue out.
Portrait of a grumpy-looking middle-aged man wearing leathers and furs. His head is shaved, and the right half of his face is covered with burn scars. His right arm appears to be made of mismatched scraps of metal.
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