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About Us

Sam (Monkeys, Bears, and Robots) He/They Sam GMs the Pathfinder 1e Actual Play Podcast for which this website was created.  They’re extremely uncomfortable with typing up any sort of a biography, so they’re just putting up this crappy, vaguely humorous one in hopes that they’ll forget to replace it with a real one later and

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The B.R.I.A.N. Identity

Welcome, agents of the Bureau of Research and Investigation of Aliens in Numeria, to the show where the crew, and a guest or two, plays usually-steamed, often-for-charity adventures searching for proof of alien life. Check out our Patreon for custom maps, and find some of the adventures on Pathfinder Infinite!

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Machine Learning

A Pod ABOUT the Machine, from Pod AGAINST the Machine, the only Podcast with a Supplementary Podcast with a Twenty-Five Word Title Machine Learning is our talkback and recap show–we take a few a little time to talk about what happened in a set group of episodes, and how we feel about it, maybe give

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