Our episode 100 journey finally comes to an end as the Dapplers take on the threats outside the Wereldal in some mechanized personel carriers.     We encourage you to check out our Patreon and/or Ko-Fi, as they've got sweet sweet benefits and also you can help us get to our goals–we're making great progress towards full episode transcripts! AND Our Store is a thing, with all your t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and more!   Background music and sound effects: Space Game MC Lars https://patreon.com/mclars  60s Computer Lab, Starship Adrift, Drama, Fray and Tension Tabletop Audio https://tabletopaudio.com   Unbreakable (remastered), and Cyber Rock (remastered) Andrew Sitkov   Email us at [email protected] to check out https://podagainstthemachine.com for show transcripts, player biographies, and more. Stop by our Discord server to talk about the show: https://discord.gg/TVv9xnqbeW Follow @podvsmachine on Twitter Find us on Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook as well.
  1. 100 – 8 – Harder Together
  2. 100 – 7 – Screwdriver to the Polyp
  3. 100 – 6 – Churning Endlessly, Accomplishing Nothing
  4. 100 – 5 – Sad Between the Tentacles
  5. ML017 – Book 3. The whole dang thing.
  6. 100 – 4 – Subsumed in the Goop
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